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Welcome to the field journal of Lance Garland, A Gay Adventure Writer, Out in the World

Unstad Beach, Lofoten, Norway.

Why write from the perspective of a gay adventure writer?

During my travels around the world, I’ve been on the lookout for people like me. I’ve searched for openly gay adventurers to emulate, but I couldn’t find many. That’s started to change in recent years, but there is still a huge hole in the representation of gay and queer people in most fields. My goal with this project is to be a living representation of who I was looking for, a gay adventure writer, living openly and on his own terms.

I hope this inspires you to get out there yourself, and create adventures of your own. Check out my tips and tricks for information on how to do so safely.

” I’ve searched for gay adventurers to model myself after, but I couldn’t find many.”

After I sailed the world as a sailor in the US Navy, I became a firefighter to make a living. In my free time I climb the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, sail the Salish Sea, travel the globe, and while I’m out there I write.

The Summit of Mount Olympus, Olympic National Park, Washington

My writing focuses on connections between the individual experience and the natural world. Part gay rights activist, part environmentalist, and full on adventurer, I strive to tell stories that honor this incredible journey of being alive in a time where we can live openly.

Currently working on a memoir and looking for a literary agent.

My first essay in Outside: Adventures of an Openly Gay Outdoorsman
My first essay in Outside: Adventures of an Openly Gay Outdoorsman

With the world-view of a gay adventure writer, I’m always taking on new projects and looking for new experiences. If you have a story, opportunity, or want to say hi, please get in touch and subscribe to Out There.

→ Human Rights

A gay voice in the equal rights movement.

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A storyteller of the human experience in the natural world.

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Living a great story, on the trail for more chapters.

It feels good to live an authentic life. A gay adventure writer with a heart full of gratitude